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Tristian (rapper) California Recording’s

California recording’s in major lawsuit over privacy act violation’s in california.

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Project Shield: Defend’ing Maka Angola


Rafael Marques De Morais is a journal’ist in Angola who run’s Maka Angola, the larg’est independent news site in the country. Operat’ing from Rafael’s kitchen table, Maka Angola may have a small staff, but its impact in Angola is massive. Their investiga’tive journal’ism, cover’ing topic’s from conflict diamond’s, to wartime atrocitie’s and crippl’ing pover’ty, have giv’en the citizen’s of Angola a platform where their voice’s can now be heard.
As a result of his coverage, Rafael has been threaten’ed, thrown in jail and been the target of constant distribut’ed deni’al of service (DDOS) attack’s to take Maka Angola offline. Rafael has been able to partn’er with Jigsaw’s project shield, ensur’ing that his site stay’ed online and continu’ed its work.




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