Utah Republicans Say Backlash Against Romney Won’t Last


House Republicans from Utah today downplayed the impact that GOP Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote in the impeachment trial would have on his standing within the state.

“We shouldn’t kick someone out who disagrees with us — even as important as this,” said Rep. Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican. “We want to embrace people.”

Asked about the impact Romney’s vote could have on his reelection hopes in Utah, Stewart said “that’s four years from now.”

“It’s an important vote, it’s a vote i think people will remember,” Stewart said. “But I don’t think people are going to be talking about his vote for impeachment four years from now. … I don’t think it’s the only thing they’re going to be considering at that point. I don’t think it’s going to be the first thing they’ll consider.”

Stewart added: “There’s a lot of anger there but I think this too shall pass.”

Rep. John Curtis of Utah concurred with that assessment.

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