Schumer Says Trump’s Speech Proves He Will Do It Again


President Trump will do it again, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said today at a news conference.

Schumer’s remarks come after Trump addressed the nation giving a fiery speech about his impeachment acquittal.

“Donald Trump just spoke for an hour and a half claiming he did nothing wrong. Then the question looms Mr. President, President Trump if you did nothing wrong why did you prevent any witness and any document from being allowed at the trial? If you’re innocent you’d be happy to have witnesses who were at the scene, documents that are evidence of what happened at the scene come forward,” Schumer said.

Schumer went on to say the President is on a “self-righteous horse,” and this is the largest cover-up since Watergate.

“If it’s a sham trial with not a witness or a document, then acquittal means nothing,” he said.

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