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President Donald Trump


President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address didn’t come without some dramatic moments on Tuesday night.

For starters, Trump snubbed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she tried to shake his hand after introducing him. Then there was the eruption of Republicans chanting “four more years” during the speech. Meanwhile, dozens of Democrats wore white to protest the president and as a means to honor the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement.

Trump spoke about the “blue-collar boom” and a “great American comeback” throughout his 78-minute speech while also outlining his plans for national security, the economy, health care and the overall future of the country. Many of his remarks garnered a wave of applause from Republicans. Pelosi, meanwhile, appeared unmoved by the president’s words.

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Democrats Are Making Trump Look Like The Adult In The Room


From its beginnings, there has been a complete lack of drama about the impeachment of President Trump. News stories often referred to the impeachment as “historic.” It never felt historic. It felt partisan and small.
What would typically serve as a trial’s big moment — the verdict — was in this case a foregone conclusion because of the GOP’s control of the Senate and the purely partisan nature of impeachment proceedings in the Democrat-controlled House. As a result, drama had to be manufactured in the little things. Would the Senate vote to hear witnesses? Would Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. break a tie vote? Would any GOP senators vote to convict the president?
Trump impeachment live updates

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